Bliss Celebrations Guide Editorial Submission Form

Your signature below states that you have permission from both the photographer and the featured parties (bride/groom, parents, or company/organization, etc.) for the event/photos to be considered for publication in the magazine or blog.
Please confirm with the photographer that the wedding /event has not been submitted to another publication.

Fashion: Women
Fashion: Women
Fashion: Men
Fashion: Children

Please submit approximately 100 high resolution (300 DPI approx. 8x12 inches) unbranded, unwatermarked images (jpegs), focused especially on the details of the event, but also telling the complete story

We are now ONLY accepting submissions via We have created step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this on this page. NOTE: Please do not invite us or share the folder with us. We ONLY want the link to your Dropbox folder

Please click here for the step-by-step instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting to us, and signing our submission form, you are indicating that you have all relevant permissions and releases from all parties involved in the event. If you are giving us first refusal but have another publication lined up, please make us aware of this with a note in your email when you share the Dropbox link.

Questions? First, see our FAQ page. Then email